Jacqueline King's work is highly personal yet retains an aesthetic that speaks to us all. She emphasises the brilliance and beauty of glass – allowing it to ‘come to life’ with light, colour, texture and form.

Selected in the US publication 'Best of Worldwide Glass Artists' her work is available online, in many regional galleries & frequent solo exhibitions.

Commissions are welcome.


"My work explores the creation of beauty from shattered parts, reflective in many ways of my own life. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty of where I live. My work is a conscious attempt to embody an empathic and keen understanding of our fragile environment. I often also draw on extensive travels throughout the Australian outback in years gone by where images of our country's staggering beauty so strongly formatted my soul".

                                                                                                                                                                  Jacqueline King


 'Under the Boardwalk'  Jacqueline King 2010   

Kiln formed & art Glass, shell, fossil, steel    67cm x 50cm





 'Flower of the Ocean'  Jacqueline King 2010   

Kiln formed & art Glass, steel    55cm x 46cm   





 "If I'd only had a shield"    Jacqueline King 2010   

Kiln formed glass, art glass, shell, steel    56cm x 36cm





 'Om'    Jacqueline King  2010   

Glass, steel    45cm diameter 





'Web of Life' # 2  Jacqueline King  2010    

Glass, steel, wire    79cm x 63cm 





'Bloodlines'  Jacqueline King  2010   

Glass    16cm x 16cm x 43cm



CURRICULUM VITAE  ~  Jacqueline King

(Brief Cv - complete CV  available on request or at www.jacquelineking.com.au ) 

EXHIBITIONS: Major Solo or Group

2011  'Kaleidoscope' Ausglass Group Exhibition, SCA, Sydney
2011  'Pieces of Me' solo exhibition NRC Gallery Ballina
2010  Caldera Art 10– Murwillumbah & Touring exhibition (work chosen as Finalist)
2010  New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale – works on continual exhibition.
2010  Armidale Art Gallery 'Palimpsest' exhibition July-Aug
2010  Project Coordinator 'Artfelt' Art Prize & Exhibition, Ballina
2010  'Flower Power' Artworkers PS Gallery Brisbane
2010  Art on the Move – Bangalow, active participating Artist & exhibitor
2010  Art Aspects Gallery Lismore – works on continual exhibition.
2010  Northern Rivers Gallery Ballina – 'Rivers of Life' exhibition
2009  Roxy Gallery Kyogle - Kyogle - 'Santa said, "Eskimo Nell with not be appearing"
2009  Little Art Shop Art Gallery- Alstonville
2009  Roxy Gallery Kyogle - Caldera Art 09 Finalists exhibition
2009  Caldera Art 09 - Tweed Civic Centre (work chosen as Finalist)
2009  ArtAspects Gallery Lismore – works on rotating exhibition
2009  Bentley Art Prize exhibition, Bentley
2009  Seed Studio Gallery - Byron Arts & Industry Park ARTISTS TRAIL
2009  ‘Brushed with Verse’ Exhibition Tenterfield
2008  Seed Studio Gallery - Byron Arts & Industry Park ARTISTS TRAIL
2008  Jacqueline King Studio Gallery - Inaugural Solo Exhibition
2008  ‘Brushed with Verse’ Exhibition Tenterfield


2010  Curator- Caldera Art 2010 Murwillumbah & NRCG exhibition
2010  Founder & Project Coordinator, Curator & Editor 'Artfelt ' Art Prize & Exhibition & Book project
2010  Selected for 'In Touch' – 40 women artists of the Caldera Gallery book
2010  Warm Glass course with Sculptured Glass Australia legend – Shar Moorman
2010  Selected in Best of Worldwide Glass Artists Vol I (US Publication)
2009  Commenced teaching small groups

ArtWorkers - Accredited Artist; Ausglass; Arts Northern Rivers; ACF; Caldera Art; BCAN, GAS


1997  Completed Diploma in Public Relations, Promotions and Marketing- ACJ
1998  Margaret Miller - Leadlight & Copper foil course Lismore
2010  Warm Glass workshop with Sculptured Glass Australia 's – Shar Moorman


Jacqueline King Contemporary Glass Art

Workshop/Studio/Gallery -  598 Wardell Road  Dalwood NSW 2477

Ph 0266288878













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