"I am a self-taught artist and have travelled and worked as a shearer and a nurse in rural New Zealand to remote areas of Australia, exploring places like Alice Springs, Mornington Island, the East Kimberleys, Far North Queensland and Western Australia.

It is from these remote places that I draw from my memories and experiences and the colours I use to try to evoke the remote splendour of rural Australia. I am a sufferer of PTSD and depression and art has enabled me to express and lose myself in the moment.

I am now based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

 My art is evolving and as I let my feeling and emotions dictate the direction of a canvas, a deep sense of satisfaction and peace comes over me."        

Chris McSkimming 


“Alice’s Reef” 50cm x 60cm acrylic on canvas. 2012 

Inspired by the reefs of Far North Queensland and my wife Alice, my favourite places of peace.

“Cliffside Oombulgurri” 60cm x 30cm acrylic on canvas. 2012

An abstract landscape, of a favourite fishing spot, ‘Cliffside’ on the remote Aboriginal community of Oombulgurri in the far north-east Kimberley. A striking red sheer cliff frames one side of the awesome Forrest River and mud and sparse bush on the other.


“Coral Spawning” 50cm x 60cm  acrylic on canvas. 2012 

The miracle of coral spawning - A natural phenomenon of coral reefs.One of nature’s finest hours


“Spirit People Dancing” 100cm x 40cm  acrylic on canvas  2013

Inspired by the memories and spirits of our ancestors, showing us strength and guidance on this  journey of life.


“Travelling Thoughts”  90cm x 30cm acrylic on canvas 2013

Thoughts traveling over the ocean as I sit in my boat. Thoughts travelling like the tides as I drift along

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