Art There Collective  is a group of established and emerging artists of Northern NSW.   We regularly meet and exhibit at the Moller Pavilion, inside the Bangalow Showgrounds, on Bangalow Market Day, every fourth Sunday of the month. 

Ten artists (at any given time) regularly attend the open exhibition. We share our latest artworks with each other and the public,  enjoy interesting discussions about our work, and  offer peer support and mentorship opportunities to each other.   

Art There Collective is constantly changing. We embrace new members and new opportunities. If you are an artist who would like to be involved, please contact us! 

To see some great local art and chat with our artists in a relaxed environment, come to the Bangalow Show Grounds next market Sunday and visit us, in the Moller Pavilion, at the Band end of the Bangalow showground. 


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